Tony Manley (Yu'niq) released his single "You Matter"

Updated: Mar 28

Tony Manley (Yu'niq) dropped his newest single "You Matter" this past Valentines Day as a special homage to his wife Roz. This beautiful and honest track is to remind one another to appreciate your loved ones. He recounts a time in his marriage when he took his wife for granted, which in turn jeopardized their now nine and a half year union.

"My wife and I try to be transparent when it comes to our marriage. We’ve been married for about 9 1/2 years. So many people see us and think we have it all figured out. Well let me tell you, that is not the case. Year 7 was very challenging for us, and I made my wife feel as if she didn’t matter. I was so caught up in so many things, I took a lot for granted. I was losing myself. But God.... We made it through and we are stronger than ever. This song is a testimony of that, and I pray it touches someone else that may be experiencing similar issues."