RockStar Pryme 

Artist, Actor, Model, Songwriter


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RockStar Pryme

“RockStar Pryme” is a father to 2 amazing children. His daughter Elaina who is 9 years old (the apple of his eye) and his son Eliz’Jah who is 7 years old (literally a miniature him). Pryme knew when he was younger that he wanted to make a difference but he didn’t quite know how. Pryme decided he wanted to express his pain and his fight with Type 1 Diabetes and depression through his music so he started writing and rapping more about his personal life. Pryme also wanted to act and auditioned for a leading role as “Greg” in the stage play “The Ties That Bind” and was instantly chosen for the role. He made his acting debut on September 22, 2018 when the amazing play hit the stage and again on February 9th and 10th when it returned. Pryme also starred in the stage play “Dysfunctional Love” in October 2019 and is currently filming for the movie "Behind Closed Doors "Redemption Of Love". 

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